Rashaan Evans Launches The Razor Foundation to Teach Young Adults Critical Life Skills

July 09, 2020

Nicholas Lemieux

The Mind Matters

Rashaan Evans is launching The Razor Foundation to encourage holistic wellness in youth and young adults through direct service and advocacy.

In partnership with schools, colleges and national non-profit organizations and local affiliates, we focus on the development of the whole person.  Youth and young adults learn critical life skills to be able to emotionally, mentally, and physically handle challenges and opportunities in day to day life.  Programming in healthy living, leadership development, problem-solving, risk assessment and critical thinking are designed to educate, empower, and equip people to be the best version of their authentic selves.  The foundation has worked with over 10 organizations and institutions in addition to servicing over 1,000 young adults:  Organizations such Backfield in Motion, Microsoft STEM programs, Auburn Day Care Centers, Senior Citizens, The Razor Football Camp, Ward 2 Academy and the Dream Foundation, Bell Missionary Baptist Church Back to School Project, Loachapoka High School Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball Teams Hurricane Relief in Beauregard, and current partnerships with Morehouse in Atlanta, GA and the Lee County Youth Development Center to expose the Agency’s young Adults to Computer Science via Morehouse’s Sphero Logistics workshop.

The Foundation's participant outcomes are centered around three themes: 

  1. Navigate difficult life changes and circumstances.
  2. Overcome perceived social and economic barriers.
  3. Gain self-awareness and understand how to be mentally and physically “fit” to become RaZor Blade Sharp. Gain the turn and techniques to cut through any disrupter in your life.  Ultimately Becoming a MASTA CUTTA.

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